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top mobile gaming gear 

We hand picked smartphones, controllers, headphones and other fun stuff good for extensive gaming. Go ahead and pick your favorite! Using our Amazon affiliate links will support the BMG team and let us keep working! Thank you!

best controllers for gaming

Mobile game controllers are a must-buy for any competitive or passionate gamer, who plays games on mobile devices…

2020 Gaming Controllers

best power banks

You need to consider a good Power Bank if you are often on the road or outside and you don’t want to drop the ball in your mobile game…

2020 Power Banks

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top gaming phones

We searched for the best devices to play your games on in 2020. These are the Flagships and good Smartphones for every gamer, from different brands to different prices. Choose your weapon!


It still reigns supreme, and it will likely stay that way until their Phone 3. This model beats them all in the mobile gaming category.

2020 Gaming Review


It is still a prestigious Smartphone that has set several bars many have yet to cross and it is still very much a wanted gadget…

2020 Gaming Review

honor 20 pro

No matter what new tech comes around, this Smartphone won’t be outmoded for at least a few more years…

2020 Gaming Review


The design and build of this phone are still very good for gaming, and even its 60Hz refresh rate is not that big of a deal right now…

2020 Gaming Review

p30 and p40 series

huawei gaming

With the new P40 series of Smartphones Huawei is shooting for the first place on the market. If you want to wait for the test of time and price drop for these Flagships, you still have P30 series to have fun with.

Huawei P40 series

Huawei P40 series are the flagships we’ve been waiting for, and there are three of them. These three devices seem to aim for the #1 spot on the market…

2020 Gaming Review

Huawei P30 Pro

It still leads the market in night mode photos and zoom, the camera is great otherwise, the features are good, and it is powerful for mobile gaming.

2020 Gaming Review


It is easily one of the cheapest flagship phones on the market and has an excellent price-value ratio, so it is worth considering for sure…

2020 Gaming Review


Its 120Hz screen refresh rate and 8GB of RAM are still more than competitive on the market. It is good for gaming purposes for sure…

2020 Gaming Review


Its speed will make a mockery out of even the most demanding mobile games today. You will not regret buying this one…

2020 Gaming Review


It may not be primarily intended for gaming, but they’re still hasn’t been a mobile game that can pose even the slightest problem for this Smartphone…

2020 Gaming Review

headsets and speakers

the sound of gaming

When you are trying to hear footsteps of your next headshot victim, real life noise can be very frustrating. Or maybe you just don’t want anyone to hear that interesting anime game voice acting. In any case, you need a good sound option.

best earbuds for gaming 

Headsets are essential for gaming, as any gamer would tell you, especially people who play FPS online competitive games…

2020 Gaming Earbuds

best budget headphones 

Headphones are in high demand but you can still get a headset with high-class features and excellent quality for under $200 or even $100…

$100 budget $200 budget

best speakers for gaming

Choosing the best speaker for mobile gaming come down to two things – do you play at home or do you want a speaker you can carry with you easily?

2020 Gaming Speakers

top budget speakers

If you are on a budget and want to get best bang for the buck, take a look at what we found for you here. These are good budget options.

$100 budget $200 budget